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Having a great looking website design is not enough if your website cannot be accessed by all the potential visitors. Majority of our clients come to us for a re-design due to the inexperienced approach employed during their previous website design attempt. Be sure that your next website design and development partner is abreast with the latest web design principles and methodologies. Today's web developers must be familiar with the latest online and offline web marketing needs. If your website is not designed using the latest standards, best practices and SEM in mind, you could be re-designing it soon. This will take you back to square one.

Website Design from Online Marketing view point

Tesco's tagline "every little helps" fits great when it comes to a SEO compatible website design project. A web designer will need to take every single element into account that can affect the ranking of your website on the Internet. When your potential customers are looking for something that your business offers, your website should be listed in the Search Engine Result (SERPs) page. If your website design and contents are not search engine friendly, you could be losing valuable prospects. It is true that in order to take the maximum benefit from the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) you need a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) programme but what comes before is the website design and structure that supports SEO and SEM.

SEO is a sensitive subject when it comes to SEM. From sketching stage to choosing the technology and right to the selection of domain name and geographic location for hosting, every little counts!

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Corner cutting in website design is strategically unwise

Here, we do not cut corners. We think strategically and discuss all the pros & cons with our clients before starting a web development project. We help them in deciding of what they need today and in the years to come. We take pride in our website design and eCommerce web solutions that are affordable and result oriented.

Website design and web development packages

Logoinn has website design and development packages to suit every budget. Our entry level web design package costs just $150.00 and can be ready in few days.

What do I get for a bit more? - a lot is the answer!

If your budget allows you to spend a bit more, then why not look at our Silver, Gold or Platinum packages. You get a lot more value for your money.

Did not find your desired website design package?

Don't worry. We can create a custom website design package for you. Contact us and speak to our website design specialist. Please note that we do not offer free website design or free logo design service, however initial consultancy is free of charge.